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Cocksure Men Brady Jensen and Kevin Crows.

Cocksure Men’s blond-haired blue-eyed superstar Brady Jensen shines in a stunning beach photoshoot with hunky Kevin Crows!

Their video begins with the blond hottie in bed looking over his amazing nude photos taken earlier in the day with Kevin (who just happens to be sound asleep right next to him). Not for long! Brady wakes him up gently and looking at the photos together, they decide to re-enact the sun-soaked fuck they had that day.

Starting with a soft kiss, the two impossibly handsome guys are quickly all over each other, touching, kissing passionately and sucking each other’s big dicks until Kevin slides his rock-hard cock into Brady’s waiting hole, first on his side, then from behind, finally laying Brady down on his back and slamming him hard until they’re both covered in cum. Kevin leans forward and kisses Brady, both satisfied that their “re-make” was just as good as the original.

You can watch a short preview video of Brady and Kevin fucking or check out the full list of all Brady’s hardcore videos on his profile page.

Cocky Boys Bobby Clark fucks Bel Amis Colin Hewitt

For their second joint-venture with Belami, the guys over at CockyBoys could have selected just about anyone from the studio’s the long list of big name pornstars. Instead of going with a Sebastian Bonnet or a Dolph Lambert, they chose the relatively unknown Colin Hewitt.

They couldnt have made a better choice!

The ruggedly handsome and muscular Colin is simply mesmerizing throughout this video which finds him paired up with CockyBoys’ exclusive Bobby Clark. Filmed in a European mansion, the action starts off with Bobby blowing Colin on a staircase, deep throating his thick uncut cock. Then Colin gets down on his knees and attentively returns the favor, and you can tell there is genuine chemistry between the two.

The hunks move into another room where Colin lies back on a table so that Bobby can gain easy access to his butt. Bobby seems to be in pig heaven licking up and down the hairy ass crack. With the hole all lubed up with spit, Bobby wastes no time in plunging his hard cock deep into Colin’s tight hole.

As you can see in the short preview below, the production quality in this hardcore video is simply stunning:

Kudos to CockyBoys for taking a chance with Colin. Lets hope this is the start of a long career in gay porn for him… on either side of the Atlantic!

Watch an addititonal streaming video of Colin & Bobby at the CockyBoys tour.

All American Hunks outdoor hardcore session.

Outdoor sex fans will love this hardcore session from Cocky Boys starring exclusive models Ridge Michaels and Andrew Blue!

The poolside action starts with the two blond hotties making out passionately until Andrew yanks down Ridge’s speedos so that he can devour the throbbing cock. Ridge decides that he too wants a taste of cock so he returns the favor… eventually this turns into hot 69 oral sucking!

Rigde bends Andrew over and starts eating his ass out, getting it lubed up for a serious fucking. He stars nailing him doggie-style on his back and they finish up with a hard slamming session missionary-style. It doesn’t take long before Andrew shoots a hot creamy load all over his stomach. Ridge pulls out and sprays down Andrew right after.

Here’s a little taste of the boys’ outdoor fun:

Ridge recently did a hot locker room solo for cockyboys inolving a jockstrap and huge dildo which might interest fans of this beautiful blonde.

Andrew Blue is now a veteran Cocky Boy, having been fucked by many of the site’s hottest men. Check out a complete list of his past work — along with previews of each movie — at his CockyBoys profile.

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Free Movie Trailer from A Plus Scene 4.

Many sites have attempted twink orgies before but nobody does it better than BelAmi Online! Here’s proof: an unforgettable 5-way groupsex scene between Sebastian Bonnet, Brandon Manilow, Luke Hamill, Tobias Hayek, and Colin Reeves.

This scene from the movie A+ starts with a three-way handjob session between Luke, Tobias, and Colin. When Sebastian and Brandon walk in on them, it turns into five-way blowjobs: each boy on the left sucks the one to his right. Then they switch directions to make sure everyone gets a taste of everyone else!

The anal sex sequences are very well filmed, plenty of closeups of fat uncut teen cocks sliding into eager holes. And they get into some very kinky positions, such as a “pyramid formation” that I havent ever seen performed before. After quite a bit of this sweaty hardcore fucking, all these lads are ready to burst. First the three younger twinks shoot their cum at the same time, then Sebastian and Brandon have Tobias and Colin lick their balls while they jack themselves to orgasm.

Check out this free clip for an example of Bel Ami at its best:

You can download the entire orgy scene on Belami Online. You will also find literally dozens of photosets and video clips featuring these same five boys.

Belami favorite Sebastian Bonnet fucking Todd Rosset

A few weeks ago, I brought you a video preview of Bel Ami coverboy Sebastian Bonnet shooting his cum on Jimmy Larson. Today I have another treat video for Sebastian’s fans: a trailer of a spectacular session he had with fellow twink hottie Todd Rosset.

I was surprised by the hot rimming action in this video. Not only do we get to see Sebastian expertly tonguing Todd’s ass crack, but at one point he sits on Todd’s face and allows Todd to deeply probe his anus with his tongue. Licking ass really seems to make Todd’s uncut cock extra stiff!

As expected, the cumshots in this BelAmi movie are quite memorable. While fucking Todd, Sebastian withdraws his throbbing boner just in the nick of time and he shoots a huge load of splooge onto Todd. Then Sebastian cuddles Todd while the teen boy achieves his own passionate orgasm.

Here is a short preview which proves how intense the action gets:

To see all the cumshots flying check out the full version, available on BelAmi, where you’ll find many more videos with Sebastian and Todd.

Behind the scenes footage of Thomas Laine on BelAmi.

Thomas Laine is the type of Adonis most of us probably fantasize about when we masturbate! He is arguably the most classically beautiful of all the models on BelAmi Online. This blond teen boy seems sweet and a bit shy (I definitely find this a turn-on!). Yet underneath those sexy clothes are an athletic swimmer’s build and an uncut cock and tight butthole which he — somewhat reluctantly — reveals to us in his two photosets on the site.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at Thomas getting ready for a photoshoot with the BelAmi photographers:

Thomas also stars in the amazing movie Pin-ups Young and Tender which features an incredible cast of legendary BelAmi twinks such as Bedrich, Kevin Elola, Jan Gabriel, Austin Monroe, Todd Rosset, and 8 additional teen boys.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Thomas’ new movie, check out this downloadable Windows Media trailer of Pin-Ups.

Hottie Connor Corrigan is rimmed and fucked by Gamon Walker.

Real-life boyfriends Gamon Walker and Connor Corrigan (Brent’s younger brother?) perform together in this scorching hot update from Cocky Boys!

This video has the passion and chemistry that comes only from guys that are really head-over-heels in love! After a romantic making out session, the couple take turns showing off their cocksucking skills. Both boys also seem to really get off on rimming, especially Gamon who uses his tongue and fingers to probe Connor’s hole deep, even taking a pause for sniffing his ass!

The fucking action that follows is intense and does not let up until the end of the video. Connor impales himself on Gamon’s hard cock and rides him like a pro. The Gamon throws Connor and his back and continues his anal pounding so hard you can clearly hear his big balls slapping against Connor’s ass! The look of ecstasy on Connor’s face throughout is priceless.

Here’s a short video preview (one-third the size and quality of what you’ll find on

If you’re still hungry for more, another flash video preview is available on the Connor & Gamon gallery page of the CockyBoys tour.

Brodie Sinclair gets fucked by Jessie Santana

As far as I know, Cocky Boys is the only site where you can see muscle hunk Brodie Sinclair getting his rookie straight boy hole fucked. When the guy doing the fucking is none other than ultra-hottie Jessie Santana, its easy to understand why Brodie would want to give it up!

At the start of the video both of these gorgeous guys are wearing nothing but tighty whities when Brodie orders Jessie over to start sucking his cock and makes him lick his butt. Then “power bottom” Brodie gets fucked by Jesse doggy style before moving to missionary, and the hardcore action ends with both hunks shoot loads of cum on each other!

A preview clip of this amazing Cocky Boys video is available here.

Candid shots of Tristan Tucker partying at an afterhours.

Here are some fun candid shots of one of my favorite hotties, Tristan Tucker, partying it up on the dance floor of an afterhours club. Not only is Tristan stunningly cute, but it looks like he would be a blast to hang out with too! I’m jealous of the guy in the photos that got to take him home afterwards and fuck his brains out! is a unique site featuring a paparazzi-style photographer who follows popular gay pornstars around as they have a night on the town, or attend famous circuit parties… even gay pride parades. Of course, the best part is that we get to see which one of the lucky party-goers the pornstar hooks up with and all the hot steamy sex that follows!

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BelAmi teen Kevin Elola loses his cherry to Luke Hamill

Gay teen sensation Kevin Elola finally loses his cherry in this scene with Luke Hamill from the BelAmiOnline movie Graffiti!

Shot in an abandoned warehouse, this video features some beautiful cinematography befitting of its two beautiful stars. The younger Kevin really seems smitten with Luke, you can tell by the look in his eyes just before he tries taking Luke’s big cock down his throat. Luke returns the favor before sliding his dick up Kevin’s tight hole, fucking him in different positions before shooting his man juice all over Kevin’s ass. He then holds Kevin in his arms lovingly while the teen’s cock erupts uncontrollably with cum.

The full photoset and video (including those amazing cumshots from both boys!) is available on BelAmi Online.

Die-hard Kevin Elola fans may also enjoy the behind-the-scenes photoshoot video of the same encounter, available for download at BelAmiVOD.