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The Most Beautiful Gay Models in the World

Twink Paul Walker conceals a huge cock in his business suit.

British lad Paul Walker is a twink of style as well as substance. This fashionable cutie looks amazing in his business suit and tie, but I certainly prefer him out of those clothes with that huge boner standing straight up at attention. His low-hanging balls look just as lickable, especially in the photos shot directly underneath them.

On, Paul appears in a 30-minute masturbation video that I liked even better than his photoset. He captures your attention from the moment he first stares down the barrel of the camera with those stunning blue eyes. Then he makes sure that attention is undivided by pulling on his long, hard shaft and producing some fantastic, sticky wanking noises while he moans in pleasure. When he blows, it lands all over his smooth body and the camera zooms out to take in all the mess!

View a free streaming trailer of Paul’s video on the tour, at the top of the second page of the “Jerkoff Videos” section.

Cocky Boys Bobby Clark fucks Bel Amis Colin Hewitt

For their second joint-venture with Belami, the guys over at CockyBoys could have selected just about anyone from the studio’s the long list of big name pornstars. Instead of going with a Sebastian Bonnet or a Dolph Lambert, they chose the relatively unknown Colin Hewitt.

They couldnt have made a better choice!

The ruggedly handsome and muscular Colin is simply mesmerizing throughout this video which finds him paired up with CockyBoys’ exclusive Bobby Clark. Filmed in a European mansion, the action starts off with Bobby blowing Colin on a staircase, deep throating his thick uncut cock. Then Colin gets down on his knees and attentively returns the favor, and you can tell there is genuine chemistry between the two.

The hunks move into another room where Colin lies back on a table so that Bobby can gain easy access to his butt. Bobby seems to be in pig heaven licking up and down the hairy ass crack. With the hole all lubed up with spit, Bobby wastes no time in plunging his hard cock deep into Colin’s tight hole.

As you can see in the short preview below, the production quality in this hardcore video is simply stunning:

Kudos to CockyBoys for taking a chance with Colin. Lets hope this is the start of a long career in gay porn for him… on either side of the Atlantic!

Watch an addititonal streaming video of Colin & Bobby at the CockyBoys tour.

Beautiful twink Cody Cachet from Helix Studios

Its easy to see why Florida native Cody Cachet made such a splash when he made his gay porn debut a few months ago. Besides the perfect slender twink build, and a pair of dreamy blue eyes, the 9.5 inch boner on this power-topper is really what made many of us instant fans of Cody!

Since that time, he’s become a very hot commodity — probably the most sought after American teen in gay porn these days. The guys over at Helix Studios had the brilliant idea to sign him as an exclusive model, and already they’ve produced four great gay porn episodes starring the cutie.

Helix Studios is an multi-site access pass which gives you access to the legendary twink porn site 8Teenboy, the spanking fetish site SpankThis, and a couple of others. You could spend all day jacking off to the previews videos on these sites, there are dozens of them going back well over 5 years!

Now that Codi is part of the team, we can look forward to some interesting pairings. I’d love to see him be the one to pop the cherry of Helix’s superstar, Tommy Anders. Although both models usually take the active role, Tommy is getting to the age where its time for him to start bottoming, and its hard to think of a finer top anywhere in twink porn than Cody!

Watch all four of Cody Cachet’s preview videos on the Helix Studios tour.

Naked college jock Josh on Corbin Fisher

As Corbin Fisher legendary college pornstars such as Lucas and Dawson start to graduate and move on to other things, the site is in need of new blood to replace them. That’s where Josh comes in. I think he has the most potential of any of the CF freshmen introduced in recent months!

Apparently the fans agree. He is in the running to be inducted into the fan-voted Dean’s List, currently in second place behind Noah but ahead of Dylan. Josh definitely gets my vote!

He really is easy on the eyes. He has that rare combination of blond hair and dark brown eyes that I find incredibly attractive.

Josh is pretty talkative in his audition video, and he reveals a few interesting tidbits about himself:

  • He stands 5’8″ tall, and weighs 155 lbs. His waist size is 29 and his shoe size is 10.
  • He was a small guy in college who hated going to the gym. Now he cant get enough of it, especially the bench press. Josh says he works out five times a week for at least an hour a day.
  • On his track team, he was relentlessly teased for his amazing bubble butt. Apparently the other jocks had never seen a white guy with such a big booty!
  • He describes himself as straight and says he has a thing for “exotic” Spanish chicks.

Once the interview portion is over, Josh strips naked and we get to watch him jackoff and shoot a big load of cum all over those abs he just finished bragging about!

Since recording the solo video, Josh has been receiving tutoring from the more experienced CF college boys. He has already starred in five duo films, and in two of those we get to see him get fucked!

Read more about Josh and check out a complete list of his films by clicking Student Body in the menu of the Corbin Fisher tour.

Hottie Heath Gyllenhaal on Bel Ami

On BelAmi’s re-designed BelAmi over the past several days, they have been hyping their latest addition as “Europe’s answer to the All American boy”. According to his profile, this tender looking twink wants to become a soldier in the Special Forces?

And his stage name: “Heath Gyllenhaal”.

Seriously, BelAmi?

After all this hype, BelAmi finally unveiled the long awaited model today and for the most part he does not disappoint.

Even by Bel Ami’s standards, Heath is strikingly beautiful, with his square jaw and kissable lips. His sculpted body looks makes Heath looks more like it belong to an avid swimmer than a Special Forces commando. But I think what will endear us most to Heath is his fat uncut cock… what a monster!

As with Aiden Federline a few weeks ago, its nice that BelAmi keeps bringing us all these stunning models, but it would be even nicer to see them in some sweaty boy-on-boy action. Even without any anal sex, just seeing them exchanging handjobs would be a step up from all of these solos.

Look out for the first video from Heath Gyllenhaal later this week. And check out the re-designed Belami tour for another piece of “big news”.

Beautiful euro twink Chris in bed.

Its great to come across long-haired models like Chris from Enigmatic Boys who break the mold for the usual twinks we find on most gay porn sites!

This 18-year-old European beauty certainly looks inviting lying in bed wearing nothing but his morning wood! I’d love to climb in bed next to him and caress his smooth skin, kiss his full lips, and of course suck on that tight foreskin of his and lick all around the purple head of his penis. I especially like some of his ass shots where we get some nice views of his amazing tan-line before he spreads his cheeks apart to expose his tight hole.

Fans of Chris will be happy to learn that he recently completed his first ever hardcore session with the equally hot uncut Mike. In the first part, we see the romantic teens sucking each others’ uncut boners, and in the second part (to be released soon), they will be going all the way. I cant wait to see whether he ends up topping or bottoming!

Download both of Chris’ solo photo sets and view the first preview pics of his session with Mike on the Enigmatic Boys tour.

Alex Stevens bares it all for FreshmanX.

Euro hunk Alex Stevens is pretty much the creme de la creme for porn models from across the Atlantic. Now his many adoring fans have a new place to see him in action: the new gay porn site FreshmanX!

Alex perfectly fits the bill for the type of model FreshmanX is looking for. No scrawny twinks here, only athletic college jock types from across Europe, the USA, and the UK. But for me, Alex is really the one who stands out most, with his chiseled physique, beautiful uncut cock and very fuckable butthole. Those who have seen this bottom boy in action know how skilled he is and how hypnotizing it can be to watch him getting fucked!

Alex has done three sets so far for Freshman X: one solo and two fuck vids with fellow European jocks. Currently there are two trailers of Alex on the site which you can view in streaming mode or download:

You can also check out the Models Index link in the top of the page for a complete list of all the site’s performers.

Ryan Raz bares it all for BadPuppy

I’ve been a bit alarmed at some of the boundary-pushing extreme fetish movies Ryan Raz has done recently. While I’m all for raunchy porn, it often distracts from the beauty of the models themselves. That’s why I was happy to find this latest set Ryan did for Badpuppy. These classy photos showcase him beautifully and they prove that, at heart, Ryan is one helluva sexy stud!

With his youthful good looks, you’d never guess Ryan is 25 years old. This New Yorker has worked as a model, escort, and has only recently started dabbling in porn. Even fully clothed he is still strikingly handsome, with big beautiful eyes, a square jaw, and a devilish smile make you want to see more of him! And as you’ll see, the rest of Ryan does not disappoint. He has a tall and athletic body and is endowed with a is tasty long cock that he loves to jack off. He spreads his cheeks apart and gives us some closeup shots of his inviting hole.

Ryan also appears in a 10-minute video which is pretty hot. Unlike some Bad Puppy videos filmed at the same time the photographer is working, with Ryan’s vid we thankfully can’t hear any camera clicks or see any annoying flashes. What turned me on most watching the video was that we get to see him playing with his butthole much more than in his photos.

Download Ryan Raz’s complete set of pictures and his jackoff video.

Aiden Federline is a stunning newcomer to Bel Ami

I dont usually like to blog about the same site twice in a row, but when I saw Bel Ami‘s latest addition Aiden Federline, I knew I had to make an exception!

With his angelic face and long blond hair, the stylish Aiden looks like he could be the offspring of Austin Monroe and Toby from Boyfun! In the photoset he shows off his athletic body and gives us some mouth watering closeups of his uncut cock and big balls. He even spreads his ass a couple of time to show his shaved boy-hole.

The 13-minute accompanying video was filmed while the photographer was work, so we get to see the shoot in progress. Before stripping nude, Aiden has a brief chat with the crew, telling them a bit about his past modeling experiences. Then its all posing and stroking his uncut cock (which looks fatter and longer in the video than it does in his photos). At the end he tries hard, but unfortunately is unable to shoot his load.

“Maybe its the environment…I’m not used to jacking off in front of people,” he tells the cameraman.

At the end the photographer invites Aiden to return for another session, and I really hope Bel Ami manages to brings him back. (This was the problem with Austin Monroe, he simply refused to come back for another shoot.) Next time they should place Aiden in the expert hands of Sebastian Bonnet or one of the dozens of other hotties on the site… I’m sure one of them would easily be able to coax a load of cum out of him!

Download Aiden’s full photoset and behind-the-scenes video here.

Exclusive behind the scenes look at Everett Anderson on BelAmi

I find BelAmi‘s Everett Anderson to be a bit of a mystery. To me, he never really stood out from the rest of their roster, but on the other hand I’ve had more requests for him than any other BelAmi model this year. Well, I’m always happy to take requests so here he is! As an added bonus, I’m including behind-the-scenes footage of him taken during his photo session.

Everett definitely has a cute face and smile and a down-to-earth quality about him that is quite endearing. He has a decent-sized 6.5″ cock with a long foreskin that looks hot when his dick is soft, and even hotter when it becomes erect and he stretches it so perfectly around the head of his smooth penis. But neither his face nor his smile nor his uncut cock are his strongest attribute — that would definitely be his beautifully defined physique which is one of the hottest I’ve ever seen on a BelAmi model.

After the photos are done, the video camera continues rolling and captures very hot footage of Everett shooting a nice load of cum.

Watch the complete video featuring Everett and download all his photos.