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The Most Beautiful Gay Models in the World

Hugh - aka Kailen Makepeace - centerfold for PlayGirl

All the buzz about PlayGirl in recent weeks has been about Levi Johnson’s infamous nude photoset. I think that’s unfortunate. The site still has the ability to make erotic photosets of incredibly beauty, as we saw previously in the one with Leighton Stultz. Another amazing model recently overlooked is Canadian Kailen Makepeace who appeared on the site as ‘Hugh’.

‘Hugh’ reminds me of Leighton in that, when the clothes come off, we’re blown away by the combination of a beautiful face, sculpted body, and an unexpectedly big dick. This exhibitionist Canuck clearly is not the least bit shy about tugging on his fat cock, and he strokes it to a full erection under a steamy shower while we watch.

Check out the recently redesigned tour for a list of their latest models, and download Hugh’s complete set of naked pictures.


  1. What’s up Kailen? you have a great bod and a perfect face and butt i would love to meet you!!!! i love you

    sincerely yours, todd zettler

  2. gideon springer
    12:47 pm on December 25th, 2011

    Kailen is absolute perfection – a great face, a great bod and an amazing cock.