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Cameron on Corbin Fisher

19-year-old Cameron is the latest blond hotness to join the Corbin Fisher student body! Where do they keep finding freshmen as stunning as this?

Cameron’s audition video for the site starts off with a interview where he goes into details about his recent sexual conquests. Its cute to hear him answer “Yes, Sir” to the interviewers questions, like a true Southern boy!

Corbin writes about him:

If you like your CF Studs hot, young, ripped and blond, you’re going to really like Cameron! He’s a sexy, young, confident 19 year old who I’m extremely excited to have here at CF!

Cameron proudly states he has quite the high sex drive! Though he lost his virginity only a couple of years ago, he’s been making up for that late start by having as much fun as possible in the time since!

Cameron plays lots of soccer and sports in general, works out regularly, and has plenty of sex! All that has made for a tight, defined, hot body that he’s more than happy to show off

for us. By the end of his solo, he’s stripped down, shown off, gotten soaking wet in the shower, and rubbed out a nice load for us!

The jackoff portion is beautifully filmed, Cameron rubs out a pent-up load of spunk under a steamy shower! The only time we hear him say “No, Sir!” in the video is when Corbin asks him to taste his own fresh cum!

There are more preview photos of Cameron on the Corbin Fisher tour. And if you haven’t visited the site or a while be sure to check out the new Student Profile Videos section which has downloadable glitzy interviews with some of CF’s most popular jocks.

Naked college jock Josh on Corbin Fisher

As Corbin Fisher legendary college pornstars such as Lucas and Dawson start to graduate and move on to other things, the site is in need of new blood to replace them. That’s where Josh comes in. I think he has the most potential of any of the CF freshmen introduced in recent months!

Apparently the fans agree. He is in the running to be inducted into the fan-voted Dean’s List, currently in second place behind Noah but ahead of Dylan. Josh definitely gets my vote!

He really is easy on the eyes. He has that rare combination of blond hair and dark brown eyes that I find incredibly attractive.

Josh is pretty talkative in his audition video, and he reveals a few interesting tidbits about himself:

  • He stands 5’8″ tall, and weighs 155 lbs. His waist size is 29 and his shoe size is 10.
  • He was a small guy in college who hated going to the gym. Now he cant get enough of it, especially the bench press. Josh says he works out five times a week for at least an hour a day.
  • On his track team, he was relentlessly teased for his amazing bubble butt. Apparently the other jocks had never seen a white guy with such a big booty!
  • He describes himself as straight and says he has a thing for “exotic” Spanish chicks.

Once the interview portion is over, Josh strips naked and we get to watch him jackoff and shoot a big load of cum all over those abs he just finished bragging about!

Since recording the solo video, Josh has been receiving tutoring from the more experienced CF college boys. He has already starred in five duo films, and in two of those we get to see him get fucked!

Read more about Josh and check out a complete list of his films by clicking Student Body in the menu of the Corbin Fisher tour.